Posted on: October 14, 2019

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For the past three months I have had an amazing internship experience working for Gneiss Energy as an Energy Policy Analyst.

From my first few days I have been involved in some of the company’s most important projects. Getting to be involved in client meetings and conference calls presented a rare opportunity for a young professional. This has been exhilarating, while the family-like, close-knit feel of the team taught me about one of the most important factors in the company’s continuing success and growth.

From assisting my colleagues on their projects I have gained invaluable first-hand experience in the structuring of energy sector M&A and financing deals. Meanwhile, conducting my own research under the guidance of experienced industry professionals and work on marketing evaluation projects have given me the chance to apply my academic skills and qualifications in practice.

Another significant opportunity for me was learning how to practically apply my petroleum economics knowledge in financial models based on the realities of client portfolios and real-time market conditions – an insight that is inaccessible in academia.

Being involved in both oil & gas and clean energy projects from the position of the consultant has given me the chance to gain a clearer view of both industries and their importance to the transitional era the industry has entered.

This vigorous work experience always kept me occupied with plenty of exercises and duties has of course had provided me with the opportunity to enhance my presentation skills, my ability to deal with daily administrative routines, short deadlines and duties in an office environment. All these skills and experiences will be invaluable for my future career in the energy industry.

Petros Karagiannopoulos

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