We provide corporate M&A, asset A&D, capital raising, debt advisory, restructuring and strategic advisory to board executives and senior managers in the oil & gas, renewables, infrastructure and wider energy value chain sectors. Our team is comprised of highly-experienced corporate finance and industry professionals who have over 320 years of experience in multiple jurisdictions and industries, having acted as either principal or client on major global transactions.

We have a unique combination of investment banking and on-the-ground experience which positions us to source and execute opportunities that achieve our clients’ business objectives. In a rapidly evolving environment for both the energy sector and the world, we are focused on presenting clients with solutions to maximise value.

We have an extensive network of relationships with buyers, sellers, investors and financiers, providing us with deep connections across all industry stakeholders which enables us to facilitate access to deals beyond those generally available from other advisors.




We collaborate with our clients to facilitate the delivery of strategic objectives, providing expert advice from origination to execution.


We leverage our extensive network of relationships to connect buyers, sellers, investors and financiers, offering full-market coverage throughout the global energy value chain.


We utilise our team's comprehensive experience at board and senior management level to offer bespoke energy advice across technical, strategic and commercial work streams

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/nʌɪs/ – noun


A metamorphic rock; a gneiss is produced by intense alteration or metamorphism of original igneous or sedimentary rocks at high temperatures and pressure. The word comes from the Middle High German verb gneist (to spark) – so called because the rock glitters.

Gneiss has distinct banding due to the proportion of different minerals in layers, and, may contain light bands with abundant quartz and feldspar, together with dark layers with such minerals as hornblende and biotite.

The geology of the Outer Hebrides, NW Scotland is the Lewisian Gneiss – a suite of rocks which are up to 3 billion years old, making them the oldest rocks in Britain and two thirds the age of the Earth. Lewisian Gneiss was mainly original igneous rocks, folded and buried, and altered by heat and pressure. This gneiss forms the basement for much later Scottish geology.

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