Posted on: September 16, 2020

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Reflecting on the past 3 months I have spent as a summer intern with Gneiss Energy, it feels bittersweet – I am tremendously grateful to have had the experience, but sad that it has come to an end.

First and foremost, I am thankful to the company for being so flexible in giving me this opportunity during the pandemic, particularly when many similar firms were cancelling their internship programmes altogether. At no time did I feel that coordinating the internship virtually was a burden for Gneiss – all of the logistical issues were handled promptly ensuring that I was in a position to get the most out of the summer and to deliver my best work.

As someone just starting out in my career, engaging with experienced industry professionals on a daily basis presented a real learning opportunity, and one that I relished from day one. Additionally, the tight-knit nature of the company means that every individual, no matter their seniority, is approachable and on-hand to support when challenges arise.

The most stimulating and demanding aspect of the internship was being involved in project work. Whilst learning and drawing on the experiences of the senior members of the team are important parts of any role, feeling as though you are contributing to the overall success of the firm and its clients, and are part of a collective effort to deliver a project is extremely motivating and something that can’t be replicated in academia. Being regularly challenged to source, analyse and present critical data while meeting tight deadlines has forced me to develop key problem-solving skills and provided me with a genuine insight into the fast-paced environment of corporate finance.

I will look back very fondly on my internship with Gneiss. The culture of the company creates a fantastic environment in which to develop, with a great balance between team and independently-oriented tasks. I don’t believe there are many other advisory firms able to provide such a well-rounded and comprehensive experience and I am really excited about the offer to continue my professional development with Gneiss on a part-time basis upon my return to studying.

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Aaron is a junior analyst with experience in the real estate industry covering accounting, marketing, and customer relations. Prior to joining Gneiss Energy, Aaron worked for his family business, managing a portfolio of short-term holiday lets in Edinburgh, organising customer accounts and overseeing sales & marketing. In addition, Aaron has gained valuable financial market and portfolio management experience through an internship with Fitzallan Wealth Management. Aaron is currently working towards an MA in Business and Finance at Heriot-Watt University and is the Investment Manager of the Heriot-Watt Investment Society.

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