Posted on: September 11, 2020

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Over the past three months I have undertaken an internship at Gneiss Energy. In this uncertain climate, opportunities like these are rare and I am grateful to the Gneiss team for allowing me to support the company on a range of projects. Social distancing measures throughout my internship meant that the majority of my three months were undertaken remotely. This was initially challenging, but the frequent communication and engagement with the rest of the Gneiss team ensured that I was well supported throughout.

From my perspective, one of the major draws to the internship was the considerable knowledge and experience of the team. Being exposed to various internal business functions, whilst also supporting live projects for important clients is something that is rarely offered on an internship programme. With the current trends in the energy industry, many of these projects featured pitches to oil & gas companies regarding integrating renewable energy into their corporate strategy. This is an area I am passionate about and it was rewarding to be able to assist in producing the marketing material. Additionally, I led a project to expand and develop the existing internal CRM tool and integrate it into the day-to-day life of the team.

As I am studying Chemical Engineering at university, I had a real interest in gaining a financial perspective on design projects related to my degree. My previous experiences typically focused on traditional oil and gas projects, but the breadth of work undertaken by Gneiss allowed for significant exposure to a variety of industries including companies with a focus on cleantech, renewables, SaaS and shipping.

My time at Gneiss has certainly developed my professional confidence and I have seen first-hand the success of a strong team dynamic. I am confident that in the years to come I will utilise these skills in either the financial or engineering sectors and reflect positively on my internship experience. Going forward, the team have offered to support me through the final year of my studies by providing me with further work throughout the year and I anticipate a busy 9 months ahead with hopefully a mix of academic study and practical application supporting new challenges at Gneiss Energy.

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Callum is a junior analyst with direct upstream oil & gas experience and a background in chemical engineering. Previously, Callum spent time at CNOOC, where he developed a strong understanding of both the operational and logistical aspects of upstream oil & gas production. He has completed several projects across the energy sector, including a future demand study of hydrogen relating to the economic analysis and technical design of a hydrogen production plant from natural gas. Callum is currently completing his final year of an MEng degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. During his degree he was the Vice President of the Chemical Engineering Society liaising with companies such as ExxonMobil and INEOS.

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