Key Service


Gneiss Energy offers comprehensive advice and guidance throughout all aspects of commodity price risk management. Commodity price exposure is a key risk, and assessing, quantifying and managing this is essential to long-term success.

Our approach is to focus on understanding our clients’ core objectives and to determine through forensic analysis, the potential upside and downside scenarios  posed by price risk. We apply a probabilistic approach to price evolution to identify  key price pinch points, specific event risks and estimate probabilities of key objectives not being met.

We recognise that in the ever-changing landscape of the energy sector, every company’s position is different and therefore requires a unique risk management strategy.

Our services include:

  • Enhanced asset analysis
  • Identifying critical event risk 
  • Debt finance support
  • Risk management strategy
  • Execution plans for responding to changes in price
  • Development and abandonment timing; DSA risk; capital schedules  
  • Building targeted strategies for managing expectation and risk
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